Vauxhall, Oval & Kennington - Old Maps


This page will help you to access certain maps of Vauxhall and Kennington from 1681 to the present day.   The maps are listed in date order, oldest first.

Many entries on this page contain links to other websites where you can look at old maps and often buy reproductions.   And most of the images below are thumbnails.  Please click them to bring up larger images.

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Other Sources

Here are some other sources of old maps:-


Martin Stanley


The Maps

1681 Map of Vauxhall Manor

Note that this image is oriented with West being at the top of the map.

Bowen/Kitchen Large English Atlas 1755

This is the Middlesex page of this atlas. The Surrey side is therefore not so detailed . Note that 'Newington' looks very much like 'Nennington' but that was because of the typography of the time.