Vauxhall Cross, Nine Elms and Battersea
Models and Artists' Impressions

This page mainly contains photos of models and artist's impressions published before building began. It will be interesting, in future, to compare these images with what is actually built.

The first set of images are general views of the area, which help establish the context of all the schemes.

Here is an artist's impression of the Power Station site looking west.

This is an impression of Keybridge House set within an aerial view of the surrounding area.

And here is an artist's impression released by the developers of One Nine Elms.

Here is a model of Vauxhall Cross:

This is a 2013 satellite photo via Google Earth.

Here are two more promotional images:

And, finally in this section, here is a visualisation of the whole of the development area as seen from the skies above Waterloo:

The second set of images show individual proposed developments, often as if there were to be no other new high buildings in the area. It will be interesting, eventually, to compare what is promised with what is delivered. Here, for example are before and after images of Cambridge's Station Square:

This is a visualisation of the new American Embassy - the centrepiece of the VNEB development. Notice all the light coloured - almost transparent - surrounding buildings that were to become Embassy Gardens.

Here are Embassy Gardens in 2016.

The twin towered Vauxhall Square development: two artist's impressions, the first from Vauxhall Park:

And the same development - Vauxhall Square - at ground level:

Here is two more artist's impressions released by the developers of One Nine Elms.

This is a sparkly view of the twin towers from downstream, ...

... and this is Sky Gardens on the Wandsworth Road.

This is the future Eastbury House on the Albert Embankment, ...

... Hampton House, almost next door, ...

... Keybridge House , and ...

... Aykon London One.

This third set of images show a larger number of buildings.

The first is an artist's impression of Vauxhall from Westminster Bridge:

Much development was also planned for the Albert Embankment. Here is an artist's impression of one result.

And here is a later visualisation of the Albert Embankment after the development of the Texaco site on the corner of Glasshouse Walk.

Here is a visualisation of the riverbank just upstream of Vauxhall Bridge:

This is TfL's model of the future Vauxhall Cross, displayed in 2015. Vauxhall Station is in the foreground and the river is to the right.

This is a sequence taken from a BBC programme in early 2016 showing the way in which Vauxhall would be transformed.

Here is model displayed in 2016, looking towards Vauxhall Cross from Vauxhall Park.

Here is another artist's impression of the Albert Embankment, as at November 2016:

Bellway, developers of The Residence, included these two images in their promotional material, as at January 2017. We shall see ...!

Here is a March 2017 TfL video about the reconfiguration of Vauxhall Cross:-

... and 6 computer generated images of the proposed bus station, with recent photos.

These are seven images from a Vauxhall Square publicity/sales video published in May 2017:

Here is an artist's impression of Downing's second set of student accommodation in Vauxhall. This one was to be built as twin towers in Miles Street - behind Downing's Atlas project on South Lambeth Road, curiously enough not shown in this image.

Versace Tower

Here are some stills from a publicity video for this tower, distributed in October 2017.

Vauxhall Cross Island

Here are two pre-planning permission CGI images of the buildings on the Vauxhall Cross Island site. Click them to see larger versions.

And finally:- Here are two futuristic images of high-rise London. The first was published by London Underground in 1926 and envisaged the city 100 years later. It may turn out to be quite prescient. The second image is London in 2259, with Vauxhall in the distance, as imagined by the makers of Star Trek Into Darkness. Note St Paul's Cathedral in the foreground on the right.