Vauxhall, Oval & Kennington

Vauxhall Cross, Nine Elms and Battersea

Late 2016

Let's begin with a nice panorama from Lambeth Bridge, as at June 2016:

And Hannah Renier took this photo, looking in the other direction towards Vauxhall Bridge from William Heath Walk.

Closer to the action, here is a panoramic photo of Wandsworth Road around the same time. Nine Elms Point and the site of the new tube station are in the centre of the picture, with St George Tower in the distance and Vauxhall Sky Gardens under construction to the right.

Here is a Hannah Renier photo of St George Tower.

This is the US Embassy as at July 2016. (Photo by Hannah Renier)

But building sites look rather less tidy from above:

Here is a view of the Residence, under construction on Ponton Road, near the US Embassy, with St George Tower in the background.

The ugly Embassy Gardens grew steadily around this time (both the above and the next photo are by Hannah Renier).

Hannah's photo of cormorants at Heathwall, just west of Elm Quay Court, is rather more atmospheric:_

By October, 'The Atlas' student accommodation was looming over Vauxhall Park and the railway.

It can also be seen in this photo taken from Vauxhall Station in the same month.

Here are two more views of the US Embassy, both by Hannah Renier:

Here are some photos taken from the railway between Clapham Junction and Vauxhall, including the large, dense tenement-style buildings. Note the missing power station chimneys.

By November 2016 there were occasional signs of human life in the otherwise bleak Embassy Gardens environment, although as yet no obvious signs of gardens.

The much trailed linear park had however appeared, although it did not have room for football or baseball pitches. Central Park it is not!

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Martin Stanley