Vauxhall, Oval & Kennington

Vauxhall Cross, Nine Elms and Battersea

Early 2016

Development continued apace along Nine Elms Lane, and rather more slowly around Vauxhall Cross. Here, first of all, is a map showing all the construction projects planned or in the course of construction in early 2016.

Let's begin in the North-west. Here is Jason Cobb's photo of the Riverlight development. It is very dense, but there is at least some attempt to feature shape and colour ....

... unlike Embassy Gardens - below - on the other side of Nine Elms Lane - plain boxes in drab colours. The second photo is taken from Riverlight with Nine Elms Lane in the middle-ground. As remarked elsewhere, the planners, developers and architects seem happy to have created an environment quite unlike anything in which they themselves would choose to live.

And here is a view from Embassy Gardens looking east over the railway line. The cylindrical building on the far left is Vauxhall Sky Gardens on the Wandsworth Road.

Here are some other photos of Sky Gardens, rather closer to. The first includes the already completed St George Tower to the left and Vauxhall Sky Gardens to the right, with the massive Nine Elms Point (which will include the new tube station and a Sainsbury's) in between.

Here is a similar photo, by Jason Cobb.

Moving further east, here is Keybridge House on South Lambeth Road, undergoing demolition.

And here is the view from Vauxhall Park. Work has started on building 'The Atlas' student accommodation. Keybridge House is to the left.

Finally, here is Vauxhall Cross with Keybridge House and Vauxhall Sky gardens in the distance.


Martin Stanley