Vauxhall, Oval & Kennington

Vauxhall Cross, Nine Elms and Battersea

2013 and 2014

This page mainly contains photos taken in 2013 and 2014 after the major redevelopment of the area had begun.

Larger versions of the images may be available. To access them, please click on the image below.

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Let's begin with an aerial view of the area:

This is a photo by Richard Ball, taken from the riverside terrace, of the early stages of the construction of the new US Embassy.

Here is another Richard Ball photo of the US Embassy site, this time looking towards Vauxhall Cross.

This is Nine Elms Lane, looking west.

Also on Nine Elms Lane, this is Riverlight under construction, taken by Jason Cobb.

This is a photo from Vauxhall Bridge, looking upriver.

This is a similar view at sunset.

And this is St George Wharf, in the sunshine, in 2013.

And again in 2014 ...

These are two of Hannah Renier's photos - of Elm Quay Court with the US Embassy being built behind it, ...

... and St George Wharf and Tower, plus (now demolished) 1 Nine Elms Lane to the right.

Finally, here are two evening photos of the Vauxhall Cross gyratory and the bus station.